Such a great job and the thought is so simplistic. Thought I’d share another non climbing related video! 

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Just a little something to keep you entertained while you wait for our new site! 

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A New Site Is Coming

We are currently building a new site! How exciting! We are expecting an early launch before spring of this year! Keep sharing us on facebook and twitter! You can expect some wonderful new features on our new site. Keep an eye out for all the new releases and updates!

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Are You Ready?

 Hey all you daily Send Followers! We have a surprise you! I wonder what it could be? Get your friends to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter as well as tumblr. As soon as we get 500 Likes, Follows alike, we will announce the first part of our surprise to all of you wonderful followers! We’ll just call it a fan appreciation surprise! More to come, Stay tuned!

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victory whip!

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